Golf & Turf Division

Products for Golf courses, Bowling greens and Turf maintenance

Our mission is to provide Golf Courses with a "go to" company to take on the problem of sourcing parts & equipment which then alleviates the green keepers' already busy schedule.

Services for Golf Courses and Turf:

  • Sourcing parts for all brands
  • Emergency air freight service

  • Turf Pride Bottom Blades, Rotary Blades & Cutting Cylinder
  • Engine parts: Petrol & Diesel

  • Replacement Engines: for all major brands
Hydraulic Parts

  • Pumps – New & Repairs
Motors – New & Repairs
  • Non-Standard Belts

  • Tyres for mowers & tractors
Blades Golf & Turf Machines (all Manufacturers)

  • Hollow Tines
Nylon Line & Heads

  • Spark Plugs

  • Air Filters – all engine brands
Donaldson Air Filters

Partnered Services:

  • Engineering Services

  • Turning

  • Milling

  • CNC

  • Lazer Cutting

  • Re-engineering of original parts

Reversible Bottom Blade

180° reversible

We have revolutionized the industry developing a bottom blade that is reversible with TWO cutting edges and two rows of holes.

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Hardness: Rockwell C Scale 50-52 which is consistent throughout the length of our blades, this ensures a straight wear pattern.


OUR Bottom Blade is manufactured from a spring type steel with high carbon content, chrome/nickel alloys and has a polished finish.


The Reversible blade is guaranteed to be perfectly straight and NO or MINIMAL BACK LAPPING is required to seat the bottom blade to the cylinder assuming the cylinder is in good condition. Our blades do not vary more than 0.00984 inch or ¼ mm over the total length making it a perfect fit.


The Reversible blade meets the highest industry specifications and cannot be compared to CHEAP imported blades and can only be compared to genuine OEM or premium quality blades.
We have tested our blades extensively and they will not leave any clippings on the exposed row of holes.

Environmentally Friendly:

It is a known fact that to manufacture 1 ton of steel the carbon gas emissions are between 1.2 to 3 tons of CO2. Our blades effectively half the emissions required to manufacture two blades.

Replaces Part Numbers:

TORO 93-4263

Patented in the following countries and territories:

  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • European Union
  • USA

Testimonials on our Golf Course & Turf products and Services

I will definitely recommend it to other club's[sic] as there is in our opinion a huge cost saving involved in the long run with a quality of cut on the same standard as other imported blades.
— Lionel Van Wyk, Workshop Manager The River Club Golf Course
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In the current economic client, course managers are under more pressure to stretch their budgets and the quality and price of the ultra-dual bottom blade helps tremendously in this regard without sacrificing the quality of cut on our greens.
— Hugo van den Berg, Course Superintendent Woodhill Golf Estate
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Kutting Edge Edger

Edging made easy.
Save time while edging golf cart paths, sidewalks, curbs, walking trails and more, using your utility vehicle as the power source

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See it in action

Save time right from the start:

This attachment is capable of doing large area edging on concrete. All that is required is a work truck from one of the manufactures listed below, one operator, and a Kutting Edge Cart Path Edger. The speed and quality of this attachment allows you to edge as needed, not just when you can find the time.

Easy on/Easy off:

The easy-on/easy-off design of the attachment allows you to to use the Kutting Edge Cart path Edger without dedicating a work truck.

Versatile and safe:

With the ability to do curbs, sidewalks, cart paths, street medians, and walking trails, this could become one of the most useful tools that you employ. No whirling blades, no thrown objects that could injure the operator or bystander, which makes the Kutting Edge Edger a safe alternative. Ease of adjustment allows this tool to satisfy almost every job requirement, and clean-up is easy with your blower or power broom.

Available for:

John Deere Pro-Gator,
Kubota RTV900,
Cushman Truckster,
Toro Workman

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